Join Us - Supporting Member

If you are a PFT secretary, aide, or NTA, you are eligible to join as a full member at a reduced rate of $20 a year. Supporting Members who are not a part of the PFT can also join at this rate.

Please DO NOT sign up using your email address, since the district disallows union-related communications.

If you can make a greater financial commitment to the caucus, you can also join at the full member rate with a monthly donation

Who's donating

Hannah Gann
Liz Janczewski
Nicole Newman
Kristin Combs
Pamela Roy
Nicole Sugerman
Kathleen Riley
Dina Yarmus
Kate OShea
Kira Baker-Doyle
Sia Brown
june cohen
Maureen McGurk
Joshua Block
Dina Portnoy
Rebecca Wanner
Herman Douglas
Leslie Melman
Tonya Bah
Amina Malik
Marc Meola
Alison McDowell
Karen McFadden
Josh Herren
Tamara Anderson
Angie Cooper-Parham
Sorah Broder
Karla Howard
Mark Stern
Contributions are tax deductible.